I wish and hope my experience with using Carter’s Aromatherapy CBD Pain Cream, will help others. My left knee kept swelling and finally, I gave in and went to the Doctor and after painful needles and minor surgery, I had 4 tear’s in my left meniscus knee. The doctors were not positive if the minor repair surgery would help. 3 months after the supposed meniscus repair, my left knee started swelling again. A good friend gave me Carter’s Aromatherapy CBD Pain Cream, and I started using a little on my knee every night. The swelling left my knee, and it felt so much better. It only takes a little bit of the cream, so it lasts a very long time. I now only use the cream on my knee if I have walked more than 3 miles a day, or if it’s raining, as I must have arthritis in it. Thank you for such a wonderful product, that actually works.

Lynette Catha

CBD Pain Cream