Never thought cannabis products would be something I would want to always have on hand in my house, but Stephen definitely changed our mind.We have a rescue dog that we found out had a torn ligament in his back leg and even after he healed the vet said that was it, our pup still didn’t move much. The vet gave us pain meds for the bad days but it would either get our little guy’s stomach upset or he would just sleep all day.We started a CBD regimen that was recommended by Stephen and after about a week it’s like we have a new dog. He started running a bit and didn’t seem to have any issues, we continued the treatment and now he even tries to jump on us when we get home. And tries to play with other dogs when the dog parks were open.These guys go way beyond the smoking aspect of the industry and have given a rescue pup the ability to enjoy being a dog again and feelin great!

Diego N