Mark Z, 64

Works amazing for my hands. My arthritis in my hands goes right away when I use the CBD Pain Cream and I can go play with my band for hours again without pain.

Paul, 50

I would like to let you know about how products from CAD products. To give you some background I am a 50-year-old male with a form of muscular dystrophy and am confined to a wheelchair. Along with that, I have issues due to the way I sleep causing me to wake up with inflammation and pain in my scapula, rib cage, and lower back. I wake up in the morning every day in some degree of pain, the severity of the pain varies from day-to-day. There are days where I have not so much pain (on a scale of 1 to 10, probably a 3) other days where the pain is excruciating (a 9 or 10). I am relegated to using Tylenol and Motrin due to the fact that I cannot use muscle relaxants and I don’t want to do opiates due to the fact that the side effects of opiates beyond being stoned out of my mind most of the day and causing my other internal organs to not function properly. I was not having any luck finding a solution.

But living in Nevada County I have had a lot of people suggest I look at the use of cannabis. The hope of a solution was very interesting but again I did not want to get high. But after some research and talking to some local medical dispensaries I found out that there might be a solution with high CBD low THC combinations that might help me. Through GREEN DAWG dispensary I was introduced to CAD products. I tried one of the salves that they have, it works pretty good, I was quite surprised. It didn’t seem to cut all the pain so Carter, the owner and proprietor of CAD suggested that I use one of the salves that was stronger in CBD’s. He was right, stronger cream did help and even cut the pain when it was most severe. I think that this type of product could be the future of topical pain relief.

CAD also makes a non-THC-cannabis salve. I’ve tried this product out and I find that it works well on pain levels that are probably in the 1 to 4 on the pain scale, more minor inflammations if you will. Being in a wheelchair causes all kinds of issues, one of them being hemorrhoids. As most people have them can attest they can be irritating and downright painful. Not be able to stand to relieve the pressure, you can begin to imagine my situation. I started using the CAD/CBD THC product on a hemorrhoid that I have, it seemed to take the pain away along with the inflammation and swelling. I have a small amount applied to the spot every day and I don’t get hemorrhoidal flare-ups.

Cynthia my caregiver, also tried the product on the back of her neck been found that it gave the best relief that she has found so far. I think that as Carter continues to develop new products he will be able to help a lot of people who suffer from pain.

Many days of the week I would be incapacitated from my pain. I doubt that I would even be able to take on writing a letter like this. This product has given me relief from pain so I can function during the day and actually think about doing things that I like to do. CAD products are laboratory tested to provide clarity and consistency to the customer. The quality control that Carter is implementing in the production of this product could be used as a benchmark for this burgeoning industry. What cannabis products need are legitimate quality controls so the consumer can trust what they are paying for. Hopefully someday regulators of state and federal agencies will recognize the legitimacy of these applications making it easier to sell on a nationwide basis and perhaps even assisting in the purchase of these products. Due to the fact that the available pain relievers that are offered through Medicare/Medicaid have so many side effects and addictive qualities. The safety and efficacy of CAD and other cannabis-based products should be obviously the next phase of pain management.

Carter has a bright future, leading a brand-new pain relief industry. His compassion for people who suffer from pain is only matched by his passion for doing his work. His belief that people in my situation shouldn’t be gouged and the product should have proven quality and consistency is greatly appreciated. This should put an end to the debate of whether or not cannabis (marijuana) is a good medicinal pain relief application.

Sheryl P, 56

I have suffered with extreme eczema and arthritis in my knee for 15 years.  I was given a jar of the CAD 1000mg creme from a friend who could see I was in pain. It has not only allowed me to work without pain, I have noticed an improvement in my skin as well. I am so thankful to find the CAD products

Lynette Catha

I wish and hope my experience with using Carter’s Aromatherapy CBD Pain Cream, will help others. My left knee kept swelling and finally I gave in and went to the Doctor and after painful needles and minor surgery, I had 4 tear’s in my left meniscus knee. The doctors were not positive if the minor repair surgery would help. 3 months after the supposedly meniscus repair, my left knee started swelling again. A good friend gave me Carter’s Aromatherapy CBD Pain Cream, and I started using a little on my knee every night. The swelling left my knee, and it felt so much better. It only takes a little bit of the cream, so it lasts a very long time. I now only use the cream on my knee if I have walked more than 3 miles a day, or if its raining, as I must have arthritis in it. Thank you for such a wonderful product, that actually works.

David P, 32

I just can’t say how much I love this stuff! As war vet with several physical issues from my time in service, this little jar of CAD CBD helps me to be able to feel regular and productive again. All  of my joint pains disappear almost immediately when I use it and I can just be me. Thanks CAD guys.
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