Relaxation Tincture – 625 MG THC | <2 MG CBD

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May Help With: Anxiety Relief, Insomnia Relief, Pain Relief, Reduce Inflammation, Calmness & Focus.

Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil, THC Whole-Plant Extract Oil.

2 reviews for Relaxation Tincture – 625 MG THC | <2 MG CBD

  1. Mama bear

    Great product! Been using gummies for years, moved to tincture for their cost effectiveness. Smooth transition I have sleeping problems pain and anxiety. I love this product and fall asleep great with it. I do notice the lower cbd in the product has made the pain in my hands come back I might add a cbd product and see if that helps. I like a 1:1 or 2:1 for pain in my hands. Otherwise grea,t smooth taste, fast acting, strong enough and I have bought time and time again. Would tell my friends about.

  2. Mama bear

    I agree fully with the other reviewer. I use for sleep and pain I was on gummies for years. This tincture is stronger then a simple gummy so I save money but I need more cbd for the pain in my joints so added 1 gummy 1:1 and that has helped. I love this product and sleep well with it.

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