Nana’s Cooling Greaze – 100MG CBD | 300 MG THC

(10 customer reviews)

May Help With: Muscles, Joints, Arthritis, Body Aches, Psoriasis, Severe Back Pain, Cramps & Everyday Pain:

Ingredients: *Coconut Oil, *Mango Butter, *Carnauba Wax, *Menthol, *Jojoba Oil, *Arnica Oil, *Peppermint Essential Oil, *Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Mct Oil, Non-GMO Naturally Derived Preservatives Of Leuconostoc, Propanediol, Ethylhexyl, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, CBD Whole Plant Extract, THC Whole Plant Extract.

*All Natural

10 reviews for Nana’s Cooling Greaze – 100MG CBD | 300 MG THC

  1. Jennifer

    Best I have tried!!

  2. Cynthia

    Wonderful, love the aroma, fast acting, absorbs quickly and is long lasting!

  3. Elba

    Super fast taking the pain away, lasted a week

  4. Pamela

    Works great on my arthritis pain.

  5. Nan Busse

    can we order this? works so well to eliminate unwanted skin blemishes

  6. Kelly

    This is the BEST product I have used for my crazy neck pain

  7. Kelly

    The only thing that works for my fiber myalgia 😶.. I stopped opioid treatment when I found this, now I can’t find this anymore 😪

  8. Dianna Ferreira

    Excellent product. Helps more then anything else does. Where can you order it ?

  9. Eudelia Oliva

    Me recomendaron esta crema que no tiene efectos colaterales

  10. Eudelia Oliva

    I still don’t have the product, just that a friend shared some of hers with me because they gave it to her. I want to buy it because my feet hurt a lot and my husband’s shoulders hurt.

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