This past weekend (June 22nd-23rd) was the High Times Cannabis Cup 2019 in San Francisco California. We had the pleasure of teaming up with our good friends Ganja Guru and seeing a bunch of our favorite faces. We were also lucky enough to win with Nana visiting. This time taking away 1st place for Topicals with Nana’s Coolin Greaze, and 3rd place with our Mimosa Cream Roll-On.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was fun and vibrant as always, and if you had the chance to stop by our booth and greet Nana we had a great time talking to you and catching up! You can check out some of the behind the scenes recap photos/videos below.

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  1. Simply amazing! Produced a product with your Grandmother, please keep creating out of this world products Carter. You have help so many people find a way to keep on fighting for their health

  2. I don’t really leave reviews, but I’ve been using carters creams and cbd tinctures and capsules for awhile now. I work hard daily doing heavy construction and helps a lot with daily everyday pain/swelling/anxiety and recently my 8yr old pit bull has had a bad stomach rash that 2 rounds of antibiotics, ciproflaxin 500mg 2x daily for 4weeks could not cure,I had to force the pills down because she didn’t like the smell/taste. I didn’t know what to do but Instead of going back to the vet for the third time and paying 200$for more bloodwork, I decided to start dropping a dose of the cbd tincture on her tongue and with ease she gave me no problems taking it once daily at dinner and after a month the rash started getting better, scabbing and disappeared, it’s really unbelievable but it’s the only thing I changed in giving her. I just want to thank carter and his team for all the hard work, effort and research they put into such a amazing product! Thanks

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